Catch up + tune in with June Johnson, creative Principal of Supernova Société to find out her favourite songs and what’s on her phone.

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Gold, Kiiara. I cannot put this song down. Thank you Chloë Sevigny Apple Commercial.


Take Your Mama Out, Scissor Sisters. I hear it and I’m dancing before I know it. This song just makes me dance it out.


Hoya Rona (Live), Tony Kgoroge. This song from the Mandela soundtrack makes me feel unstoppable.

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I think elephants are sacred and majestically beautiful animals. According to animal medicine, it’s said that elephants represent persistence in not letting anything stand in the way of attaining a goal that is integral to your purpose. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate phone image as I work on building my empire.


This is my favourite app page on my phone. It’s all about lifestyle, nightlife, food, travel, dating and exploring – all the things that make my life fun and worthwhile. It’s what I consider my vice page- imbibing, playing Dora the Explorer around the globe, finding new like-minded people, and getting pretty.



I prefer house parties over clubs, so Saucey’s a great app for when you’ve run out of drinks and need to order more without having to leave the party + drive if you’ve been drinking, obviously. Door to door service is always a winner in my book.


I don’t bank with traditional banks bc I hate their fees, so my finance apps allow me to keep track of my $$, send or receive funds form friends and charge event clients without having to deal with banks + tellers. I’m obsessed with Google Wallet, Simple Banking + Venmo.


I’m addicted to traveling so any app that helps me traipse around the world easier or with more fun is my fav. Ways to find cheaper flights, currency conversions, and off the path places to check out are my jam.


Always trying to master a new language! Other apps that help me translate while I’m traveling are here in my goto section.

5 Every Day

Cool little indie app that recommends 5 cool things you probably would never know about in your city every day.


My mom was taking me to protests by the age of 7, so needless to say I’m big into activism. This amazing app allows you to record video and automatically sends the it to the ACLU to report police violence, violation of civil rights, etc. It’s key these days. #BLM


I go to events all the time, so having someone else do my hair and makeup makes my life just that much easier.


I am not one of those people who just love to work out, but ClassPass keeps me consistent with my workouts and has made me love getting in shape.


Because, duh. Coachella is like my Christmas… aka, favourite time of the year. Other festivals are amazing, but Coachella is Coachella.


Cake is an app that my friend help build and it’s my favourite for splitting the check when I’m out to eat with friends, which is one of my happy joys. It just makes it impossibly simple- like a piece of cake.


Just discovered OTM (Off The Menu) at a party the other night and it tells you the best items to order that aren’t on the menu. Hum, yes. Now I’ve discovered a whole new way to be a food snob.


Dating, elevated. Have to apply for membership and it’s based on your Instagram not your Facebook, which is perfect because I’m not on Facebook.


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